Use & Benefits

The iPaintPro is a great way of organising and carrying all your painting and decorating tools, paints, brushes and rollers. It can be used on the floor or ground, or it can be securely attached to most workbenches.

Below: The iPaintPro in use (click to see larger images).

Introducing the iPaintPro

Some of the benefits of using iPaintPro

  • Organises the way you work.
  • Helps prevents unnecessary spills.
  • Securely hold different size paint tins.
  • Accommodates a paint kettle.
  • Holds two standard paint tray sizes.
  • Can be attached to most workbenches.
  • Rounded corners for easy cleaning.
  • Paint brush holder.
  • Paint roller holder.
  • Hold disposable skins for paint and roller holder.
  • Disposable skin for the Total Tray.
  • Three individual tool slots.
  • Mobile Phone Holder.
  • Two swivel castors for easy movement.
  • Two static rubber legs with non-slip rubber feet for extra stability.
  • Tool pot for storing tools or cleaning brushes.
  • Three handles for carrying, moving and storing (we recommend removing all items from iPaintPro before carrying).
  • Paintbrush tray can double-up as a small roller tray.
  • Tool pot holder can hold a 500ml tin.
  • Lightweight, durable and very strong.

Caring for the iPaintPro

  • No sharp edges means iPaintPro is easy to clean and care for.
  • Emulsion paints: simply wash with warm soapy water and allow to dry.
  • Spirit based paints: apply a small amount of white spirit and wipe clean with a cloth.
  • When not in use, store anywhere you like, iPaintPro is tough and will look after itself until you next need it!