iPaintPro on YouTube

We’ve been busy in the back garden of iKooky Towers shooting three short videos to introduce and explain the features of the iPaintPro. Although the sound could have been better (we’ve been too busy improving the prototype to go on a film making course!) we think they give a short but sweet overview to our personal decorating assistant!

You can see all the videos on our YouTube channel but couldn’t resist inserting the first one below.

Revising the iPaintPro

We’ve not been resting on our laurels, and have taken on-board feedback from the first full prototype. We have been looking at modifying the tool storage areas and adding to the underside to improve how the iPaintPro clamps to workbenches.

Revised clamping mechanism for the iPaintPro

iPaintPro Prototype

It’s been a long time coming but at last we have in our hands a bright red fully functioning prototype of the iPaintPro moulded from polypropylene – it even has working castors. We’ve taken it for a ‘test-drive’ and it works beautifully.

An empty iPaintPro waiting to help you organise your paints and tools

CAD Takes Shape

We’ve been working with a specialist design engineer, Andy Honour, and after some hard graft, we have signed off a final set of CAD drawings which we will use to produce an actual prototype of the iPaintPro.

iPaintPro CAD render of top side

The iPaintPro is Born

After being made redundant in 2009 I went in search of decorating work to help support my family. To help me I re-worked my first prototype adding a small tray and a tool pot and I named this the “iPaintPro”.

iPaintPro Prototype version 2

Friendly Paint Organiser

The first version of the iPaintPro was called “The Friendly Paint Organiser” and I made it out of MDF board in 2007 and used it to help decorate my home.

The Friendly Paint Organiser - iPaintPro Prototype version 1